All ministry meetings are currently meeting via zoom until further notice

Bible Studies



Chapel Bldg

To receive more info &

updates text the word "CPCBIBLECLASS" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Everyone is invited to join us for Bible Study as Pastor John leads us through different books or topics in the Bible via Facebook

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It is important to CPC to take care of and minister to those who are a part of the church AS WELL AS those not yet in church. Below is a list of ministries and outreaches you can be a part of! 

To join groups and receive text updates, text the word "CPCJOINGROUP" to 1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Click on it's name to view more info!

Overcomers & Celebrate Renewal & Recovery


7:00 pm


To receive more info & updates, text the word "JOINOVERCOMERS" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

The Overcomers & Celebrate Renewal & Recovery has merged and it is a confidential group that allows any person to be as open as he or she wishes and can expect direct feedback as it is applicable to the twelve steps in conjunction with scripture which are necessary tools to bring any individual to another level of understanding.

The goal of the Ministry is to continue to bring about healing of the whole person as stated in its preamble and we feel that this ministry is allowing attendees to become more acutely aware of their shortcomings and to take the responsibility not only for their own dysfunctions, but also to show them how it impacts others.

The following is a partial list not to the exclusion of any mind altering substance: Anger, Resentment, Denial, Unforgiveness, Procrastinations, Various Lust and many other Unhealthy Obsessions etc. These, when they become as habitual as drugs and alcohol they too are dysfunctional … HELP IS NEEDED! “PEOPLE CAN FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE BY DOING THE STEP PROGRAM AND FOLLOWING STEPS (4) AND (10) EACH DAY.”

CPC KIDMIN: Toddler - 8th Grade





texting "CPCKidMin" to 1-844-390-4272

CPC KidMin is our Children’s Church Ministry serving children from toddler ages to 8th grade. Our mission is to see children receive the saving grace of Jesus Christ and be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. Partnering with parents/families to disciple these young ones to grow in their faith and fulfill their God given purpose.

At CPC KidMin all we do is centered around our three main focal points:
1. Love the children like Jesus
2. Teach them the truth of God’s word with a Jesus Centered Focus
3. Meet children where they are through a fun, uplifting and engaging Sunday service


At CPC KidMin during this COVID-19 season, we believe in empowering families to engage with each other, growing together in Christ and in the word of God.

Every Saturday we will be posting video devotional lessons with activities for the children in your family to grow in God, His knowledge and love alongside you.

Register your family and children to access our weekly video content and


Text “CPCKidMin” to 1-844-390-4272

Adult choir

Our Choir ranges from young adults to mature adults. We are always looking for new singers. If you are interested in joining the choir, please see Pastor Jeremias or Elder Charlie Mendez.

Dance ministry

Mercy & Grace and Love & Joy: This dance team comprises of ladies from ages 7 + . They are a group of young women who love the Lord and praise Him through dance. The ministry is open for men as well.

Extending hands ministry / evangelism

Members and attendees are kept in contact through the Evangelism Dept. Witnessing Teams and tract distribution are also a large part of CPC Evangelism.

Contact Pastor Brenda Byrd for more detailed info about this ministry. 

Food Pantry


3:00 - 7:00 PM

910 bldg on Richmond Rd.

We are an official NYC Food Bank  & City Harvest Food Pantry which provides bagged food  and clothing for 3000 to 4000 fellow Staten Islanders every month.

Requirements:  Must present Photo ID     

First time: Must present Photo ID and fill out form

Contact our office for more info (718) 273-5850

men's ministries

1st Monday of 

the Month


To receive more info &

updates text the word "CPCMEN" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Men of Integrity meet the 1st Monday of every month to encourage, teach, and pray with men, helping them to fulfill their role in God’s plan for the home.

Currently meeting via zoom - Call the church office for details (718) 273-5850

Movie Ministry - suspended until further notice

4th Friday of the Month

7:30 pm

Movie Ministry is to create an atmosphere for Christians reach out to friends and family that wouldn’t otherwise come to church and be able to minister to them through the movie ministry.

Music Ministry

This department is an ever growing and changing ministry always looking for singers, and musicians who are looking to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth. There is an Adult Choir, a youth praise band, and Sunday Worship & Praise Team. Our music dept. also includes Dance Ministry, Drama Ministry and Audio/Video Dept.

Potter's wheel coffee house

1st Saturday of the Month

Fellowship Hall

910 Richmond


The Potter’s Wheel Coffee House is a place where local Christian talent is showcased on the first Saturday of each month in the Fellowship Hall at 910 Richmond Road.




7:30 PM

All prayer meetings are happening via Zoom.

Tuesday Morning Prayer Connection: 10:30AM

Tuesday Evening Prayer Meeting: 7:30PM


To participate, please call the church office at: (718) 273-5850

To receive Text A Prayer messages, please  text the word "CPCTAP" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

To receive more info & updates regarding the prayer ministry, text the word "CPCPRAYER" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Spanish ministry

Sunday Service


Thursday Bible Study - 8:00 PM

Spanish Sunday School Classes are Sunday's 11:45am - 12:45am.

Sunday Church Service at 1:00pm (Live Stream on Facebook) and Bible Study Thursday at 8:00pm

To receive more info & updates regarding SPANISH MINISTRY SUNDAY SCHOOL text the word "ESQUELADOMINICAL" to 1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Sunday SChool

Sunday School is happening via zoom Sunday morning at 9:00am 


Sunday Morning



To receive more info &

updates text the word "CPCBIBLECLASS" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Tape Ministry

Every service is recorded and put on a tape!


You can obtain an audiocassette of the services, by placing an order with our audio staff, located at the rear of the church on the Ralph Place side.

Women's ministries

2nd Monday of the Month


To receive more info &

updates text the word "CPCWOMEN" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

Meets 2nd Monday of every month for prayer and teaching from God’s Word.


Annual events include Women’s Retreat, IFCA Rally Day.


We also sponsor at least two bus trips and do visitation during the holiday season.


For More information or zoom details please call Sister Sandy Carlo at (718) 273-5850

Next Generation - youth ministries


The youth ministry and young adult ministry meets weekly on Fridays via Zoom.

High School Students: 6:30pm -8pm, to join text “NGYHS” to 1-844-390-4272

Young Adults: 8:30pm, to join text “NGYC” to 1-844-390-4272


We support many missions around the world. Find out how you can help or get involved. (See Pastor John or Deacon Al)

Nursing home ministry

Chapel services are held at Clove Lakes Nursing Home, Ana Erika Home and the Verrazano Nursing Home. (See Pastor Brenda)

Singles ministry - salT

If you're not married, this is the ministry you'll want to join as an opportunity to get connect with the other single people in the church. 

Call the church office for more details (718) 273-5850

4TH Saturday


via ZOOM

To receive more info &

updates text the word "JOINSALT" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.

MARRIAGE ministry 

All married couples are welcome!

Call the church office for more details (718) 273-5850

3rd Saturday


via ZOOM

To receive more info &

updates text the word "CPCMM" to

1-844-390-4272 and follow the prompts.


Office: (718) 273-5850

Fax: (718) 447-1060

900 Richmond Road

Staten Island, NY 10304

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