Rev. Joseph Chevere

me and dolly

In 1985 Pastor Joseph and Dolly Chevere accepted the Lord into their lives under the same ministry, Victory Outreach in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout 1987-89 they met, dated, got engaged and then on April 16, 1990 got married.

 They were discipled and raised in a leadership ministry and prepared for the calling of God to pastor.

 In 2006, they were launched out of Victory Outreach to pioneer a new Victory Outreach Church in Staten Island, specifically in the urban inner city of New Brighton.

 Through the guidance, provision, strength and favor of the Holy Spirit they successfully impacted many lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have also become eyewitnesses of the transforming power of God upon many people.

 Pastor Joseph and Dolly served as pioneers of the Victory Outreach Church in Staten Island until April of 2013. At this time, Pastor Joseph led the church to merge with Christian Pentecostal Church.

 Today Pastor Joseph Chevere is ordained by CPC and is on the Pastoral staff as one of the Asst. Pastors.