Richard & Ines Jones Overcomer's Director

Richard & Ines Jones
Overcomer’s Director

The Overcomers is a confidential group that allows any person to be as open as he or she wishes and can expect direct feedback as it is applicable to the twelve steps in conjunction with scripture which are necessary tools to bring any individual to another level of understanding.

The goal of the Overcomer’s Ministry is to continue to bring about healing of the whole person as stated in its preamble and we feel that this ministry is allowing attendees to become more acutely aware of their shortcomings and to take the responsibility not only for their own dysfunctions, but also to show them how it impacts others.

The following is a partial list not to the exclusion of any mind altering substance: Anger, Resentment, Denial, Unforgiveness, Procrastinations, Various Lust and many other Unhealthy Obsessions etc. These, when they become as habitual as drugs and alcohol they too are dysfunctional … HELP IS NEEDED! “PEOPLE CAN FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE BY DOING STEP’s(4) AND (10) EACH DAY.”